Joshua Mars



Mars Irrigation and Landscape, LLC [2014]

Language Learning Tools

I've created two interactive tools for practicing the conjugation of Italian verbs.
Italian Verb Conjugation Tool [Fall 2017]
OneTense Conjugation Tool [July 2018]
The tools can be downloaded as a standalone .html file from this Google Drive folder for use offline.

HTML and Javascript Experiments

A few of my favorite experiments are listed below. A full list can be found here.

Color Splashes [Summer 2017]
The vast majority of computer software blends color incorrectly, including the web browser you are using now. This project put the correct method into play blending colored light sources that originate from where the mouse has been clicked or the screen tapped.

Stained Glass [2014]
Tank Game [2014]
Chemical Elements Memorization [2014]

Music for the Organ

Fratelli d'Italia (Video)
In a pinch I can put something together for the organ.
Ave Maria [Summer 2017]
O Divine Redeemer [Summer 2017]
Take Time to Be Holy [2016]